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Country Basket Blooms
Talk about a bountiful basket! This wicker basket is overflowing with beauty and blossoms. It's no wonder two pretty butterflies have made this basket their home.
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Happy Hydrangea - Blue
…timeless classic; the blue hydrangea is the perfect way to say "Happy Anything!" Plus; men love the blue hydrangea just as much as women. So go ahead and plant one on someone who deserves some special treatment.
Teleflora's Grand Gesture
A Teleflora Flowers-in-a-gift Bouquet
When you're inspired to make a grand gesture of any kind; this gorgeous tropical topiary is a natural choice. The calla lily symbolizes magnificent beauty and when mixed with graceful tropical leaves and arranged in a stunning bamboo dish; the results are extraordinary.
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Teleflora's Secret Oasis
A Teleflora Flowers-in-a-gift Bouquet
This lovely; serene bouquet makes a Zen-sational gift for any special occasion. They'll be thrilled with this artistic arrangement of orchids; lilies and exotic accents in a red bamboo dish. It's like a trip to Shangri-La.
Blooming Garden Basket
A sweet; bright flurry of colorful fresh plants celebrates vivid memories and expresses heartfelt sympathy to friends and loved ones.
Teleflora's Fantasy Found
A Teleflora Flowers-in-a-gift Bouquet
If you know someone whose fantasies might include something found on a tropical island; you've found their perfect arrangement.
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Teleflora's Peaceful Zen Garden
A Teleflora Flowers-in-a-gift Bouquet
Thirsting for a gift that is contemporary; beautiful and inspires a soothing sense of calm? Look no further than this exclusive Zen garden. Full of stunning succulents; it's super-low-maintenance. It's awesome for an office and in perfect harmony at home.
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Stylish Plant Assortment
What a magical mix of flowering and green plants! This stylish plant assortment is simply stunning. The mix of colors and textures will make any room come alive!
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When this tall; green and handsome arrangement arrives at someone's home or office; it is destined to create a Zensation! It's so dramatic; so different; and so delightful.
Teleflora's Exotic Grace
A Teleflora Flowers-in-a-gift Bouquet
Looking for something with a bit of Zen? With tall bamboo and birds of paradise complemented by a stunning mix of tropical orange flowers and greenery in a graceful bamboo container; this bouquet is it.
Teleflora's Quiet Expressions
A Teleflora Flowers-in-a-gift Bouquet
Three of the most popular and most loved of all plants; beautifully presented in a stylish bamboo rectangle is a gift that will bring many days of joy.
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Zen Artistry - Premium
It's artistic arrangements like this one that make flowers such an integral and beautiful ingredient in feng shui. A brilliant green container and exotic palm leaf provide the perfect backdrop for purple orchids and a mix of delightful tropical flowers. This gift takes artistry to new heights.

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