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Tannenbaum Basket
Miniature live Christmas trees make this basket a gift that will really grow on whoever is lucky enough to receive it. And keeping spirits bright - there are also festive flowering plants and other holiday touches.
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Simply Happy Kalanchoe Plant by Teleflora
A Teleflora Flowers-in-a-gift Bouquet
With its delicate pink flowers and elegant leaves; this lovely Kalanchoe plant is a fresh; fabulous surprise for any occasion! It's hand-delivered in a gorgeous; glazed ceramic cachepot from Portugal; making this an extra-special gift to be treasured forever.
Secret Garden Basket
It will be no secret how you feel about the person lucky enough to receive this beautiful basket. Whether it's someone you work with or someone you live with. Someone near or someone far. This gift is overflowing with robust beauty and lively energy.
Bountiful Kalanchoe
Bountiful and beautiful; the kalanchoe is one hardy plant that makes a heartfelt gift. It's hand-delivered in a cr├Ęme ribbed planter.
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Basket of Joy
Whether celebrating the arrival of a bundle of joy; a new job; a new house or anything else that makes life brighter; this is the perfect basket of joy! Ultra-big on beauty and ultra-low on maintenance; it's a simply beautiful gift.
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Stylish Plant Assortment
What a magical mix of flowering and green plants! This stylish plant assortment is simply stunning. The mix of colors and textures will make any room come alive!
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Health Nut Basket
…nuts or someone you'd like to help get on a health kick will love it; too. Full of great food; and so full of goodness; including a lively orange kalanchoe plant; someone would have to be; well┬ů a bit nutty not to enjoy it!
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